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the novel that predicted George Soros confusing and dividing the Church.

Breaking Babel, written by David Kullberg, is a story rich in romance and political intrigue, a globalist billionaire and his ingenious mistress orchestrate their strategy of a new world order. To succeed, they must confuse, deceive and overcome a powerful opponent – evangelical Christianity.

The deception will threaten not only the Church, but the very meaning of the Gospel. Risking all, a circle of courageous young friends enters the conflict, unwilling to lose the faith and nation they love.


The AAE is a growing coalition of Christians who see that timeless biblical truth is the highest love for human beings. We also see clever opponents cherry-picking Bible verses and donning “minister” outfits to confuse and divide the Church and nation. We’re speaking up.

We reach millions of Americans with the Gospel and Christian worldview, news and information, as well as challenging anti-faith opponents –because of love.

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