Eric Metaxas

“God help us …. Please watch this [longer] video. Our country hangs in the balance.”

Eric Metaxas2018-11-15T08:34:03-05:00

Dr. Wayne Grudem

“This [longer] video is excellent! If you wonder why American culture has experienced such rapid moral decline, this [longer] video will be eye-opening and deeply troubling, but then it rightly ends in a call to responsible action.”

Dr. Wayne Grudem2018-11-15T08:35:05-05:00

James Garlow

“Two ‘Georges’, but oh so different! George Soros is selfishly trying to destroy what George Washington sacrificially founded: America. Thank God for these fearless producers exposing one of the most sinister, destructive forces to the Republic. Listen to this. Listen carefully. Your nation depends on it.”

James Garlow2018-10-17T13:13:53-04:00
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