About Us

The American Association of Evangelicals

“Advancing truth, because of love.”  The AAE is a growing, informal coalition of Christians who see that timeless biblical truth is the highest love for human beings.  We have three (3) goals:  1) Share the Christ-centered gospel; 2) Teach biblical worldview on today’s issues; 3) Engage opposition to the gospel and nation.  As clever opponents cherry-pick Bible verses and don “minister” outfits to confuse and divide the Church and nation for political purposes, we speak up.
Please add your name to our inaugural Letter, A Call to Repentance & Renewal, on our homepage. Signers include Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Eric Metaxas, James Garlow, Miles McPherson, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Dr. Alveda King, Congressmen Bob McEwen and Steve L’argent, George Barna and thousands more.
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AAE receives no political or government funding. We are unpaid volunteers. We appreciate your donations to grow our reach, at www.AmericanEvangelicals.comPressing on for the Gospel, and nation in which the Lord has placed us, as stewards.