Russell Moore Mangles Matthew 25

The Evangelical Immigration Table purports to represent America’s evangelicals on the issue of immigration (while using George Soros money to do it).

Russell Moore Mangles Matthew 252020-10-28T18:33:49-04:00

Commentary: Beware Soros’ ‘Rented Evangelicals’

As Soros-funded “ministers” are on buses through swing states to “flip Congress,” our friends with the American Association of Evangelicals (AAE) have just put out a 3-minute video, Soros’s “Rented Evangelicals.”* It provides a lot of info in a short time and is reaching many thousands of people each day through social media.

Commentary: Beware Soros’ ‘Rented Evangelicals’2020-10-28T18:35:07-04:00
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