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A Call to Repentance & Awakening

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Introduction to Gospel Guard

Many believers rightly wonder, why are Christian leaders strangely silent about escalating anarchy, propaganda, censorship, infanticide and other evils of the 21st century? And why are some “faith leaders” even assisting such efforts, stranger still. As the great Dietrich Bonhoeffer learned in Nazi Germany, and warned us in his words, “Silence in the face of evil is itself, evil.”

Gospel Guard is evolving and it will help us see strategies and tactics to use, confuse and divide the Church. We will identify efforts to redefine the Christ-centered gospel as something less than good news of Jesus Christ who lived, died for our sins, and rose again in victory. We will remind one another of the true and life-giving gospel and biblical worldview by which people and cultures flourish.

In a time of fog, lies and spin, you want truth. The world God so loves yearns for truth. God is truth, and he reveals truth.

Speculation is both discrediting and confusing, and so we will seek factual information and, where possible, original source documentation approved by a team of accountants and lawyers.

Facts & Money –

One approach to truth is to “follow the money.”  Not unlike electric current, money is “currency” which turns things off and on.  Like fuel to an engine, every non-profit needs funding to achieve its mission. Today there is a growth industry of anti-Christian and anti-American activism. Few events in our news media are “grassroots” and organic. Many events involve organizers, actors, media and agendas for the Left’s “New America,” not the true America of our Founders and ancestors who sacrificed for our families, communities and nation. A nation that they loved, and we love.

Most donors to Christian non-profits are themselves Christians who share biblical values of the sanctity of life, personal responsibility, the Ten Commandments, confession and forgiveness, voluntary generosity, freedom of conscience, speech and religion in all spheres, and the Great Commission.

Dark Money – What is odd, and often dark, is when self-described atheists, Marxists and others who oppose the gospel, Church and nation are funding “Christian” and “faith” groups — to advance anti-faith projects. We should explore if there is a disingenuous purpose.

Dark Money billionaires have created a growth industry in abortion and now infanticide, far-Left political activism and anarchy, untruthful media and “fact-checkers,” lawfare, activist judges and as one executive admits on video “…our ‘Rent-an-Evangelical’ model of social change.” What is Dark Money? Funding from those who oppose Christianity and its sanctity of life, nuclear family, America and flourishing sovereign nations.  Why would they fund people and organizations to accomplish such goals?  Weakening the Church demoralizes America, giving the funders more global power. Global governance.  It’s always about power.

The result?  Incalculable human harm and loss of faith, hope and love. Broken families. 63 million children, aborted. Indoctrination in our schools. Rising crime and drug addiction. The “sex worker” industry. Human trafficking. A nation and dreams in lockdown. Hopelessness.

Visit often, as more information emerges. For now, we simply offer some articles to external news sources, below.

We ask the Lord to strengthen his followers for the spiritual and cultural war of our time. May we continue to shine a light of truth and love, even forgiving our enemies and pray for their salvation.  May we break the spiral of silence, and advance God’s Kingdom, against many odds. Because of love.

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A coalition of 630 influential Christian leaders, mostly evangelicals, spearheaded by Kelly Monroe Kullberg and Dr. Alveda King, has called on “progressive” Christians to “repent.” It asks them to atone for “work that often advances a destructive liberal political agenda.” That agenda, the appeal’s writers suggest, is allied with and partly funded by billionaire secular leftist George Soros, who uses the profits of his past [...]

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Billionaire George Soros Tries to Mastermind the Leftward Slide of Catholics

Writing about billionaire currency speculator and international leftist moneyman George Soros is always risky. Just coolly describing who the man is and what he does can make a writer sound like a crackpot conspiracy theorist. Soros is an obscenely successful capitalist who wants to destroy capitalism; a Jewish Holocaust survivor who funds Israel’s harshest, most unjust critics; an irreligious Hungarian citizen who wants to manipulate [...]

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The Money Behind Telos

You may have heard of multibillionaire George Soros and his liberal, global agenda. You may not have heard that he provides significant funds to an organization with ties to the broader evangelical community. His financial clout is being used in an attempt to reshape how evangelicals view the conflict in the Middle East, and the result is not pro-Israel.

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Do funders like George Soros pose a threat to Evangelical Christian support for Israel?

For well over a century, Christian Zionists have been steadfast in their support for a Jewish homeland. Emerging from this movement, Evangelical Christians have served as the foundation of Christian Zionism due to a number of theological, moral, and political reasons. At the same time, there is a growing movement of mainline Protestants who are critical of Israel.

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George Soros’s Evangelicals

For nearly 30 years Richard Cizik represented the National Association of Evangelicals in Washington, D.C. During the George W. Bush administration, he tilted increasingly left and embraced global warming as his iconic issue. A Vanity Fair magazine spread admiringly portrayed him walking on water, just like Jesus. But in December 2008 Cizik stepped too far by endorsing same-sex unions during an interview with Terry Gross [...]

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Soros Funding of Sojourners Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Soros Funding of Sojourners Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg Last week I reported on evidence that the “progressive evangelical” organization Sojourners, headed by Jim Wallis, had received grants from the Open Society Institute, the foundation of left-wing billionaire George Soros. In July, Marvin Olasky of World magazine had reported the same. In a recent interview with Tim Dalrymple, however, Wallis [...]

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Why Is Jim Wallis Denying that He Receives Grants from Deep-Pocketed Leftists like George Soros?

In World magazine on July 17, Marvin Olasky called on “progressive evangelical” Jim Wallis to come clean and admit that he is not a non-partisan, as he likes to claim, but rather a devoted man of the Left. Olasky reported that Wallis’s organization, Sojourners, had received grants from George Soros’s foundation, the Open Society Institute (OSI), and had lent Sojourners’ mailing list to the Obama [...]

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Soros & Sojourners, The Sequel

Jim Wallis has been the subject of some recent blogosphere humor. Hugh Hewitt wrote, "Most folks who receive donations from billionaires tend not to forget them, so pray for Jim Wallis's memory." Scholar William Voegeli wondered whether Sojourners "is drowning in money," since Wallis didn't remember that megabucks leftist George Soros gave $325,000 to his organization. With Jim's denial appearing Clintonian, Baylor's Francis Beckwith imagined [...]

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